Hotfix 1.11



- And the subscription you will see (or not). In the list of free games, there will now be the subscription required icon under the store. And by default, a user will not see any offer that requires a subscription unless they disable the filter.


- Implementing hreflang tags. It's a bit silly to have translated the site into English and no one benefits from it because Google can't see it!

- Tracking raccoons is even easier. I took advantage of having a hotfix to do to improve my raccoon tracking interface, and I did a few things nicely.

- Offers requiring a subscription now provide fewer rewards. It didn't make sense for these offers to give the same number of points as the offers without subscriptions.

- No index and no follow for rankings within the community. Pagination creates penalties in site ranking, the indexing of these pages is therefore suspended until the moment I find a solution.

- Adding a meta description for the "Premium Chart" page. For SEO purposes.

- Translation added for "Legal Notice" and "Design pot" pages. Even if no one reads the legal notice, it still needs to be done.


- Fix for the ranking of patrons. Those who don't have any points should now also appear in the rankings.

- "Hum.. I'm french.. French ! I'm French !" - Renekton. Fixing a bug that returned to the English version of the site after a moderator submitted a game cover.

- The cache. Always pay attention to the cache. Caching meant that the reporting of an expired offer or informing the site that you had recovered the game only updated every 24 hours.

- It's good! We understood the first time! It is no longer possible to report the same offer several times. Also, addition of the English translation for the text of the reported offers.

- Correction of the color of registration dates in the contribution rankings. Those who time travel are finished. The time police caught them all by optimizing its algorithm.

Updates 1.1



- Shaninjah opens up to the world ! Are you trying to make peace with your jungler who insults you in half Spanish and half English? Send him the English version of the list of games offered, with a free game he will forgive you for being in 0/6 with Yasuo and it will allow him to improve his English to insult properly in the next game! Just click on the small flag at the top right of the site to switch from one version to another.

- The ranking of contributors, donors, and creators. I take this opportunity to thank all the shatons who support the project. The ranking is separated in 3 (a fourth ranking will come in 2024 for those who communicate about the project). By separating the rankings it allows to be more precise to know who helps in what way and it prevents something I wanted to avoid at all costs: a pay to win ranking. Where donors would be higher than some contributors. And also to see my face first all the time.

- Patchnotes Hello, you are here.

- Don't miss out on any free games thanks to your subscriptions. In the filters, you can choose to display the free games that require a subscription such as Amazon Prime or PS+ Essential. If, like me, you belong to the paupers and don't have the holy purple crown, you can leave them hidden so as not to drool over these games that are out of our reach.

- A button to validate your email again. Back then, perhaps you forgot to confirm your address, or maybe you didn't understand that Shaninjah would become the best video game site in the world, so you neglected this validation? Don't worry, you can resend this email from your profile. And for those who are unable to correctly type their email because there is no annoying requirement to write their email twice during registration, you can ask for help on Discord.

- Moderation mode. This button that has just appeared in the list of free games allows you to temporarily disable all your artificial filters to check if the offers are not expired.


- Prettier emails. The email design is changing. It's not great art yet but it will do until you have the budget to create a nice cyberpunk layout.

- Suitable images for login and registration. There was a big dollar logo on the image that accompanies the login and registration pages. I deleted them because I thought it was a bit inappropriate and gave an image of the site that did not correspond to us. As for the emails, it's until I get something better.

- The kitty and the dynamic news. The kitty for the redesign of the site with a cyberpunk design is blocked on 30% since the launch of the site on June 6, 2022. Not to mention the grammatical errors in the news that announces the Shaninjah streams. Simply because I didn't put a system to modify the amount with the admin interface. Now it's ok ! Well, all that for the 30% to 31% in 7 months. But you never know, maybe a Qatari Shaton will pass by one day!

- Improvements in the user profile. Now you know how many games you have collected and how much you have saved with the games offered in the 'Information' panel! Some people can afford a Dacia Sandero with all their savings! I've also added a pagination to the 'My Collected Games' panel. This will prevent big collectors from crashing when they want to admire their treasures.

- Customize your banner and profile picture. By giving a little love, you can now add a personal touch to your profile, and make all eyes turn to you (or at least to your beautiful banner). Unlock this exclusive feature for a small donation on Tipeee!


- The images went through a drastic diet. This update will benefit our server : We managed to make the images lose weight, such as the language change flags! We put these darn flags on a diet and can now hoist them more easily, with a reduced size of 98%! Yes, you read that right: from 100kb to only 2kb!

- Optimization of queries throughout the site. There were many queries executed in duplicate, triplicate, or quadruplicate (yes, I know...). They are now partitioned to run only in View/Composers, and their results are injected only into the Blade file that needs them.

- Tipeee, Discord et DevBlog have an English translated version available. With the arrival of the English version of the website, the contents beside it were translated so as not to harm anyone.

- Lighten the GitHub repository. All game covers have been removed. I'm also trying to block user images to prevent them from being downloaded again by modifying the .gitignore file.

- Cleaner and optimized Axios calls. The base URLs for Axios requests are now stored in a variable in the .env configuration file. I no longer need to modify this URL for each environment change, whether it's for testing, beta, or the final version.

- The CORS protections for URLs are now automatic. Many bugs and wasted time will be avoided thanks to the URL that updates itself automatically with the SetAxiosCors middleware. No need to change the URL manually for each environment change, whether it's for testing, beta, or the final version.

- The request that displays the list of free games is now cached. It will load much faster and require fewer server resources. We reached 87,000 visits in January 2023, it's time to start drastic optimizations !

- Creation of the Shaninjah association. We are now a living and recognized entity. We are ready to conquer the world !

- Protection contre le spam. Seuls les utilisateurs avec un email confirmé pourront faire des suggestions. Protection contre le spam. Seuls les utilisateurs avec un email confirmé pourront faire des suggestions.

- Ban and Shadowban. There are some raccoons who are being careless with the suggestions. It's time to take action and protect the mental health of our dear moderators.

- A raccoon detector. To flush out naughty raccoons, analysis tools have been created and made available to the administrator.

- Xbox Live becomes Xbox. The Xbox Live store is renamed Xbox for more consistency


- There was no bug. What did you think ?

- Several typographical corrections. Thanks to all the shatons who brought the errors to my attention.

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