Legal Notice

The Shaninjah Association's website is published by Alexandre Panizzi, who owns full rights to the website and generously provides it to the Shaninjah Association for its promotion and to meet the objectives of its status as an association, given that it aligns with Alexandre Panizzi's ideals.
Full name of the association: Shaninjah
Shaninjah, Le Chapial Nord, 24800 Saint Sulpice d'Excideuil
Phone: 06 95 78 90 96
Email address: [email protected]
Publication Director: Alexandre Panizzi
Editor-in-Chief: Alexandre Panizzi
Website Host: PLANETHOSTER inc., Louis B. Mayer, Laval (Quebec) H7P 0G1, Canada, +33 1 76 60 41 43
Association's registration number: We could not find this information.
Association's social capital: 0€
Supervising authority: None
To make a donation to the Shaninjah Association, you can go to the following donation website (Credit Card or Paypal):


You can reach us via Discord Shaninjah#9194 or Join the Shaninjah Discord Server
Email : [email protected]

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